My Websites

Maths Investigations

The home of Wise Owl Maths and the Maths Investigations Learning Wall, plus a whole variety of number games for younger children and extended Investigations for older ones. These are my own tablet and photocopiable activities, designed to get children to think & talk about Maths, memorise key number facts and develop mental calculation skills.

Children are encouraged to use practical equipment, to look for patterns, to explore relationships between numbers & concepts, and to use appropriate language & notation to explain their thinking.

All resources are available for a small annual subscription.

Innovative Learning Ideas

A personal blog, with many ideas that I have imagined myself and then developed in my own work with children, either in the classroom or through one-to-one tuition. Others are ideas which I have come across elsewhere, and have either adapted for my own use, or adopted for use by other colleagues in my school. 

All are offered to you, in the hope that they will transform your practice as they continue to do mine. 

Dogfriendly Eating Places

A personal diary of favourite haunts where dogs are welcome as long as their humans are well behaved!

Whether you ARE a pooch or are a human WITH a pooch, hopefully you will find this blog of some help if, like us, you are out and about and looking for somewhere for lunch or coffee or even an evening meal where dogs are just as welcome as people INSIDE!

Everywhere listed here is somewhere we have visited ourselves with our two terriers, Toby and Suzy, and where we have all been made welcome.